As licensed trainers who fully embrace the Signs of Safety®, we are obligated to skillfully present agreed upon core content to everyone we train. This is an essential component of high quality, consistent practice and is not negotiable. We also require a commitment for ongoing clinical consultation, group supervision, and fidelity/outcome reporting for no less than three years after initial training. The nature, frequency, and duration of these services, as well as the people and entities who provide them, will always be adjusted to best fit the organization’s needs and skills. If all we do is train, we know that changes in practice will not be sustained. Training alone would waste your time and ours. We also know that the quality of the working relationship is most critical for success and we know there are people and places that will connect better with other Signs of Safety trainers and consultants. Spreading what works is our top priority.

Within the above expectations, whenever we provide direct safety planning services, we will create training materials from our work that can be used by Licensed Signs of Safety Trainers of the agency’s choosing in order to make each training session as relevant as possible. Such materials will also help prepare practitioners to more quickly take back and take over direct safety planning work and will enable Safety Planning, Inc. to more quickly move on to spreading this approach in a new agency.