Our Team Approach

We use a team approach with experienced practitioners to confidently go into and succeed in the most challenging situations. We support our work with an off site advisor connected through technology whenever possible. This person provides support, gives help when asked, is able to stop a session to discuss a possible change in direction when things don’t seem to be going well or going as planned, and can also type in the framework as it is developed on site. It enables other team members draft an initial Words and Pictures¬© story even as the on-site person explores family connections and prospective safety or support network members. It represents our current best thinking for getting a rigorous initial safety plan and network within a workday so we can confidently offer our clinical services anywhere in the United States. We also have the benefit of the practice wisdom of the worldwide community of Signs of Safety trainers and consultants and always have access to direct clinical consultation and group supervision from Andrew Turnell, Susie Essex, Kevin Campbell, and Frank Thomas.