Direct Safety and Support Planning Services

Safety Planning, Inc. has been established to provide direct safety planning services in the most challenging and expensive child protection situations. We can provide similar support planning services in expensive and/or difficult children’s mental health situations. We can offer a clear vision for effective safety planning. We’ll do the work in the most transparent way possible so agency social workers can learn from our work and from our mistakes. We’ll hold ourselves accountable to continually sharpening our knowledge and skills. We’ll seek to fully understand each agencies unique challenges and opportunities. We’ll create training examples from our work that can be used by¬†any licensed Signs of Safety trainer in order to make training as relevant to agency staff as possible. We’ll reduce agency workload and stress and carve out space for social workers to attend training and practice new ideas. We’ll reduce agency costs for out-of-home placement and services. These funds can then be redirected to pay for training and consulting and to permanently hire more social workers to do safety planning. Should we fail at any of this, the agencies that hire us can easily cancel our contract and move forward without us.