We believe in, practice, and teach the Signs of Safety®. It’s the most simple and complete method of social work we’ve encountered. The principles and the framework equally guide effective solutions with families, with all other social work recipients, within social services and other service-oriented agencies, and through every possible challenge.

Our commitment to every agency that seeks to engage our company is to fully practice what we teach. Children’s safety and well-being is at the very center of all of the work. We do our work in ways that respect agency autonomy and build agency capacity. We model the behaviors we expect agency staff to use in their work with families. We come in alongside agency leaders and social workers to support each person as they figure out how to fully embrace and use all of their existing talents and skills, even as they consider the usefulness of the vision, principles, and tools that come with the Signs of Safety and safety planning approach. We ask every agency to let us know anytime it appears we are stepping out of this model and promise to listen, to make apologies, and to repair relationships as needed. We teach doing this too.